Black Hill Ranch was founded by felix florez...

Felix has been in the service industry his whole life, starting with his first restaurant job at the age of fifteen.

"I can't remember if I was watching a case of frozen Berkshire shanks being unpacked in a restaurant kitchen, or if I was skinning a wild boar on my family’s ranch," says Florez, "but I decided during one of those moments that my family and I were going to make a difference in the culinary world. I started raising pigs when I was a sommelier at Brennan's in Houston. I got tired of watching chef's order products from out of state. Whenever someone would open a meat product, it would always either be from Sonoma, or New Zealand, or Colorado. It was really irritating, there was no reason it should be that way."

"We started in 2010 with two acres in Cypress and a handful of pigs. Now we raise the finest breeds and sell the best quality meats that Texas has to offer. We now have a ten acre ranch and a network of small independent growers who raise pigs following our strict all-natural protocol. We now process 20 to 30 pigs a week for delivery to restaurants in Houston, Austin, New Orleans and Miami, and are adding new accounts regularly."

 “An undertaking of this scale is a lot of work, but it’s not that hard if you have a passion for the finer things.”

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