About Felix


Felix Florez was born in mcallen, tx...

and his mother toured the Texas countryside with him, tasting everything along the way. The flavors of each kitchen he passed through were bountiful and featured vegetables, usually grown close by the owners' themselves, local livestock from nearby ranches, and scratch made creams, sauces, and cheeses. From the moment he was able, Felix found his way into the food service industry becoming a waiter at a local restaurant. Purchasing his first restaurant, a fine French bistro, at the tender age of 19 on Bee Cave Road in Austin, TX, Felix insisted on spending months in each and every position before taking over from the original owners. 

While there, Felix fell in love at first sight with his wife, Jeanette, who was working four doors down from the bistro. They were soon wed and their family grew quickly.

After 9/11, a cultural backlash against the French, due to the foreign power's opposition to invading Iraq, forced him to close the doors of his beloved restaurant. Felix picked up his family and moved to Houston for fresh opportunities. Setting to work at the finest restaurants in Houston, Felix became a sommelier at Brennan's of Houston, cultivating a supreme wine program to compliment the French-creole flavors of one of Houston's most beloved culinary institutions. While there, Felix couldn't help but notice that the high quality ingredients being utilized in the kitchen were produced all over the nation, but few were from Texas. 

Recognizing this opportunity, Felix formulated a plan:  to bring the expressive flavors of Texas' grand livestock to Houston restaurants. 

He drove all over the nation, finding an unique selection of heritage breed hogs and decided to raise them humanely, in a free and open setting, allowing them to enjoy the land and to partake in a natural diet. As Black Hill Ranch was born, Felix's reputation gained speed, and restaurants quickly realized the quality and expressive flavors of the meat he was offering. His business boomed and he leveraged the opportunity to take his business to a national level. 

Felix, unknowingly, had stumbled upon the farm to table movement right at its' inception and has helped to propel it into the spotlight in the Houston culinary community. 

His family helps out in all aspects of Felix's businesses. He has been fortunate to become a partner in two local Houston restaurants, Ritual and Blood Bros. BBQ, and looks forward to expanding his presence in Houston's hospitality industry. He has had the fortune to begin True Texas Honey, Jefferson Co. Rice Company, and a custom knife business. 

Felix Florez humbly counts his blessings for his success and has a simple hope to bring the flavors of Texas to tables across our great nation.